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What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a year-round fundraising program that doesn’t require you to sell anything. This isn’t designed to replace specific fundraisers held throughout the year. Instead, this program isn’t tied to any one program or booster club so it contributes to the entire student body and Sober Grad! It’s a win-win way to benefit all U-Prep students.

How does it work?

With SCRIP, you simply change the form of payment you use on your most common purchases. You can really benefit the students by buying gift cards from U-Prep to your favorite merchants and using those as your form of payment. Each gift card has a rebate percentage linked to it, and while you pay the face value of the card (no additional cost to you), U-Prep receives the rebate amount.


You buy groceries and gasoline every month. Let’s assume that you also buy an occasional fancy coffee from your favorite shop. Look how using SCRIP as your form of payment at some of our local merchants can help U-Prep:

  • Holiday Market - $300/month with a 10% rebate = $30.00
  • ARCO - $200/month with a 1.5% rebate = $3.00
  • Starbucks - $25/month with a 7% rebate = $1.75

If you purchase the above model for all 10 school months, you will raise $347.50 for UPrep without having to sell anything or spend any extra money. If 10 families were to purchase using the above model, UPrep would receive $3,475.00/year; if 100 families, then $34,750.00/year!

Is there a minimum purchase?

No, but most cards have set denominations. You can order as many or as few cards as you like. You can even order ScripNow® or ReloadNow® for spontaneous purchases.

How do I order SCRIP?

There are several ways to order SCRIP. No matter how you order, physical cards will be delivered to the U-Prep main office, and you will receive an email when they are ready for pickup. eGift cards and reloaded gift cards ordered online or through MyScripWallet can be used instantly in most cases.

Ways to order

  • Print and complete this Order Form. Submit it with your payment into the SCRIP box in the U-Prep main office by the next order deadline.
  • Access the complete list of merchants and order online by registering here.* Use PrestoPayTM to pay for your order or submit payment to U-Prep by the next order deadline.
  • Order from MyScripWallet using PrestoPayTM.

Please contact your SCRIP Coordinator for the enrollment code to register for online ordering.

Please make all checks payable to U-Prep Scrip.

Attention Food Maxx Shoppers:

Register with Food Maxx Shares then enter your phone number at the checkstand, and Food Maxx will donate 3% of your purchase amount to U-Prep. It’s so easy! (Boost that percentage to 5% when you use a SCRIP-purchased Food Maxx gift card to buy your groceries.)


Contact 2020-21 SCRIP Coordinator:

  • Email: uprepscrip@suhsd.net
  • Vicki Singer: (530) 339-2598