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Student Support Services

U-Prep Counseling Team

Kristen Mason

High School Counselor

Matt Williams

Junior High School Counselor

Joseph Maikranz

Junior High / High School Counselor

Becky Houston

Counseling Secretary

Our counseling team is committed to serving our students by helping them realize and accomplish their social, academic, and postsecondary goals. We collaborate with families, teachers, administrators and the community, and are committed to the well-being of our students. We strive to work with each student individually to help them achieve their highest success.

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Health and Wellness

The school counseling program is designed to provide students and families with a range of supportive services, including referrals to community agencies. The counseling center provides a safe, supportive environment where students can go to discuss a variety of issues from depression, grief, self-esteem, homelessness, foster care, substance use disorders, disabilities, mental illness, family life and stress to dating violence, gender identify and health issues. Students can get help and recognize that there is no stigma associated with mental health, substance abuse, gender identity, or other supportive services. School and community crisis intervention resources are updated annually and made available to students and families. Through on-campus programs and community-based partnerships, students receive counseling and other support services for the purpose of maximizing student engagement and success.

For more information please visit U-Prep website or contact the Student Support Services Office at 530-245-2767.


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Information for Seniors

Peer Mentoring

A University Preparatory School Peer Mentor is committed to serving the students of U-Prep. Mentors improve our school by making it as safe and welcoming as possible. They are committed to the well-being of our students and believe that students who make friendships and connections with one another will thrive. Mentors are excellent role models, who care about our school and our students. U-Prep Peer Mentors run lunch time intramural games twice a week, hold a ‘games club’ twice a week, and serve as and conflict managers. For more information on how to connect your student with the U-Prep peer mentoring program, please contact Matt Williams at mwilliams@suhsd.net.

Peer Tutoring

U-Prep offers a cross-age peer tutoring program. Services are provided by U-Prep students for U-Prep high school students. Peer tutors are slightly older students who have been selected for the program by school counselors. Tutors receive training in how to support younger students in their academics and in developing a productive youth-to-youth relationship. Peer tutoring takes place during the school day and is supervised by school counselors. For more information on the U-Prep high school peer tutoring program, please contact Joe Maikranz at jmaikranz@suhsd.net.

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