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The University Preparatory School Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization formed to raise funds to support the educational needs, physical improvements and program enhancements of University Preparatory School through the collaboration of parents, educators and the community.


The University Preparatory School Educational Foundation exists to empower the school community to maximize the learning potential of every student.


Through community partnerships, a comprehensive fundraising approach, and responsible stewardship of all donations, the University Preparatory School Educational Foundation will:

  • Increase the opportunity for all U-Prep students to achieve their college dreams
  • Maximize the potential for staff to provide excellent programs
  • Encourage innovations in education and cutting-edge teaching practices
  • Foster strong bonds between a community that’s involved in the education of its youth and the youth who aspire to give back to their community.

Foundation Goals

  • Collaborate with the larger community
  • Create a diverse funding base
  • Enlist alumni support
  • Encourage parental and community involvement and volunteerism
  • Support the learning environment
  • Broaden students' experiences
  • Contribute to creating innovation
  • Produce leaders
  • Inspire community ownership
  • Enhance curriculum and technology
  • Respond to emerging educational trends

Parent Engagement – A Part of the U-Prep Culture

As a parent, there are many ways to participate in our school-community.

Volunteerism: Driving for field trips or sporting events, participation on school committees or time donated to booster clubs (athletic, music, theater), etc.

Monetary Donation: We ask that every family donate to the University Preparatory School Educational Foundation. We appreciate any amount that a family is able to donate. A recommended annual donation is $40.00/student. All monetary donations can be made to the University Preparatory School Educational Foundation. Monetary donations may be mailed to or dropped off at the school office. A receipt of donation will be mailed to you for your tax records.

Donation of Goods: Parents may donate goods to U-Prep pro. Examples: items for Medieval Days, Westward Days or other school events.

U-Prep's Wall of Wishes: Classroom and office items requested by teachers and staff have been recorded on brick shaped request cards. If you would like to purchase these items, please pick up a brick in the main office or counseling office.

U-Prep Scrip - A Great Fundraiser That Is Easy To Use: As we all know, raising money for school programs and activities is an ongoing challenge. What if you could help raise much needed funds for U Prep and do it while doing your regular day to day shopping? What if you could also satisfy your fundraising participation at the same time? THAT'S SCRIP! By ordering gift cards and using grocery store loyalty cards from U-Prep you automatically contribute to the school. You can order online, by email or phone and you control what you order and spend. Better yet, you can set up a "standing order" and get exactly the same order each and every week or month without lifting a finger other than to write the check. If you would like information on the Scrip Program, please visit U-Prep SCRIP.

Thank you for your continued support of U-Prep students and our school!


Elizabeth Kremer, Educational Foundation Board Member

Rochelle Angley, U-Prep Superintendent/Principal